9. Artists statement

Roddy Bell is Scottish, and has been a resident in Norway since 1979.

His work consists of separate activities (drawing, painting, performance, sculpture, installations, video). These activities often merge and interact with each other.


There is no structure of process which can be relied on, – no design criteria which can be followed each time and will guarantee success.
A preference for appropriating or constructing objects or object- parts, seems to be because he is drawn towards the way they hold within their presence a shadow or intimation of purpose.

These fragmented or stunted articulations are the basis for the works. What would happen if this or that was added? Like changing the syntax of a sentence and wondering what then might be uncovered?  Something that might resonate beyond the verbal. Looking for elements to adapt, to corrupt, to glue or bind together, – an architecture of awkwardness and tottering.

As elements are assembled, they may demand intervention through drawing, video projection, texts, or found objects. They may comprise these strategies in their creation, but through their materiality, the sentences formed are always suggesting or pointing towards a non-materiality. Their materiality seems to be transient, – as if they have no desire to remain within their present state.

Paintings and drawings:

This is an activity which has to do with exploring non-linguistic concepts, –  mental images. It has to do with the sensuality of colour, tactility, the memory and recognition of image. This is the primordial soup of my art process.